15 examples and ideas for personal growth

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What does this mean? When we hear people talking about, “I’m working on myself, I’ve been doing a lot of personal growth”, or words are thrown around like self-improvement, personal development, you know things of that nature? These examples of ideas for personal growth will help!

I honestly always thought that  personal growth was just something that kind of came along as we got older and experienced those super important life lessons and such. It never really occurred to me until a couple of years ago that personal growth is also a conscious choice that can be actively achieved. Let’s be honest and say that not everyone wants to change. Some people are super happy being where they are! That’s okay too!

However some people are unhappy with either where they are in life and with how they handle life around them (I fall into the latter!) So let’s begin by discussing what personal growth is!

In this post, I’m going to talk about what I believe it means, what we’ll gain from actively striving for self growth , and how we can actually jumpstart the process!

examples and ideas for personal growth | What does self growth mean | How do I get personal growth | What are examples of personal growth | What causes personal growth | self growth articles | self growth quotes | self improvement | self development | personal growth ideas | personal growth tips | personal growth quotes | ways to achieve personal growth

What is personal growth?

Personal growth, self-growth, self-discovery, personal development, self-love or whatever other synonym you’ve heard are in my opinion all the same just said different ways!

It’s the decision that we aren’t fully happy with who we are and therefore we participate in certain activities that we lead us toward our ideal best lives!

It’s about finding out who we really are and figuring out how to love who we are!

I also believe that it’s about finding attributes that we would like to see more in ourselves and working toward those goals.

Personal growth is also more than just working on our inner selves but also making sure that we’re taking care of the whole package! Self-care and maintaining a healthy body!

Are these things that you see in yourself or something you would like to see?? Keep reading!

15 examples and ideas for personal growth

This is all about doing stuff that will lead us to actively getting to know ourselves more and diving into personal development. Now these are not in any particular order!

  • Create a morning routine

I never knew the power of a well thought out morning routine until I committed to one! It sets the tone for the entire day! The way that I crafted my routine ensures that three things happen:

  1. At least one thing gets cleaned in my house
  2. Something good happens for my body and soul such as working out, prayer, or meditating
  3. My most important self-care ritual happens which is reading

All three of these are crucial to me having a great day that is centered around making positive choices that reflect what I want my best life to look like and as such my personal growth.

  • Read more

It should be no secret that I love to read! If fish is to water than I am to books. I mean I go through at least three books a week!

However, reading more is not just from me, not only is it a skill that every job market has but it’s one way that the mind will continually use to develop itself. Reading sharpens our critical thinking skills and improves out vocabulary regardless if you’re reading a newspaper, fiction, or nonfiction. And that’s just a few reasons! Go check out all ten reasons why you should everyday!

  • Start reciting positive affirmations

If you haven’t read any of my other self-care posts on affirmations you definitely should! I go over some amazing reasons as to why affirmations should be done everyday!

20 affirmations to become a stronger person

What you need to know about affirmations

Begin your own self-care routine

  • Begin working out consistently

It doesn’t matter what form of exercise it is, just so long as you get your body moving for at least 20-30 minutes a day! Endorphins are good for the mind! It’s shown that through regular excerise, your brain actually grows! Now that’s what I call personal growth 😉 (I’m so puny I know!)

Seriously though exercise improves sleep quality, skin health, and organ and bone health. Plus, I can’t think of a single person who says that their confidence didn’t grow after they started working out.

  • Begin praying

Talk to God. There isn’t a single thing that He can’t help you figure out. You want guidance? Ask for it. Do you want more patience? Ask for it. More self-discipline? Yup, ask for it. Our God is great and mighty and He does not forsake us. Not in the least! Sometimes we don’t feel like He’s there but He is and all He wants to do for us is to love on us and give the very best life that we could possibly imagine!

Come! Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. –  Revelation 22:17

You don’t need a special invitation or have your life together perfectly. Just call upon Him, just as you are, wherever you are.

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  • Meditation

Now this might seem a little derivative since we’re following prayer because some people confuse them for being the same thing. Let me tell you that they’re not! Prayer is having communication with God while meditating is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

Wikipedia cleaned it up nicely for me there LOL I found this great post on how to start meditating!

  • Spend time alone

This is crucial! The best way to learn about yourself is to actually be with yourself! Taking yourself on dates, asking yourself questions, connecting with who you really are! It might sound stupid but it’s really not!

How do you get to know another person? The same way that I described above right??

It feels weird at first but most new things do feel weird but that doesn’t mean that it won’t get easier or that it’s not worth it!

  • Being to trust yourself

Something that I have found along the way is that my gut intuition is usually right. It might not be comfortable but you know what you need to do so just do it! Cut off that friend that makes you feel lousy. Stop eating those M&Ms after having a few handfuls cause you know that if you don’t you’re going to feel shitty. You know your vices, hon. You are stronger than they are!

  • Start to forgive yourself

I feel so strongly about this one! It’s okay that mistakes have been made! It’s not going to do anyone any good to keep beating yourself up for it! I just recently forgave myself for something that happened in highschool…you read that right! High school! Seriously? I’ve carried that weight uncessarly for nearly 10 years! Do you know what I got from my own personal suffering? Heart ache. That’s it.

It’s seriously not worth it and if you’ve wronged someone, apologize, and THEY don’t let it go? That’s their burden now. Forgive yourself, learn from it, and move on.

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  • Create space for mistakes

This whole process is not easy. There are going to be pitfalls and THAT’S OKAY! Repeat that! It’s okay to make mistakes. Doesn’t mean that it’s going to stop you or me! It is just what is. The important thing is that we learn from the mistakes.

  • Refuse to get upset over how long the process takes

It’s been 2 years guys and I’m now starting to see the fruits of my labors. Now I’m not saying that that’s going to be the result of everyone because I made mistakes and got sucked down a couple rabbit holes but I never gave up! Don’t give up when things get harder and more complicated! The results are SOOO worth it!

  • Drink more water

Our bodies are made up of about 60% of water. Water that gets depleted over time and needs to be replenished! I believe that it’s crucial when trying to be our best selves that we give our bodies the best that it needs and the first place is to drink enough water so that our brains run properly!

  • Learn a new skill

You might have heard this before and scoffed like I have before whenever I’ve seen because as if we have time to just pick a new skill and what kind of skill would it be anyways and I’m not even talented enough to even try something different!

Notice the super self-destructive pattern here? Yeah so did I! Break out of your zone and try something different! A new skill does not have to mean something artsy or difficult!

Try creating a new blog! I’d love to help you create your blog!

Here are some skills that you can pick up anytime!

  1. Learn how to repair something around the house
  2. Improve your cooking skills
  3. A new form of working out such as kickboxing or yoga
  4. Pick up a new language
  5. Photography/layout skills

Now all of these are some ideas that you can learn on your own with the help of Youtube and stuff you probably already have around the house! Such as with photography, sooo many people myself included use their cellphones for taking pics! It’s totally doable! Some other skills that you can pick that might require more equipment or a teacher are:

  1. Learning how to defend yourself
  2. CPR/First Aid
  3. Learn a new instrument
  4. Pet training
  5. Any outdoor activity such as scuba diving, skydiving, or mountain biking

Want more? Check out this post about 7 different ways that learning a new skill is important!

  • Venture out of your comfort zone

The best kind of personal growth is done outside of your comfort zone! This is where you really learn about yourself and who are and what you’re capable of!

  • Eliminate toxic distractions – habits, relationships, living situations, ECT

Get rid of all those things that are holding you back! You can’t become your best self when you’re constantly being pushed back. This is honestly the hardest part for me because I’m a people pleaser and I don’t like hurting peoples feelings. However, after I’ve made the decision and have moved on in my life, I’m so much happier!

What will be achieved through personal growth?

Is discovering who you are enough??

We learn so much about ourselves when we actually try! To be honest, I’ve learned more about who I really am than who I thought I was or even who I thought I wanted to be!

When we discover who we really are it’s from our own perspective! We know for sure that it’s our own choice.

  • We gain confidence.

Knowledge is half the battle as they say right?

Part of my insecurities come from not knowing if I’m doing the right thing or not. Am I not being authentic enough or am I being too much for the room? It kills me! I sit there and agonize over the little things and become completely uncomfortable. This started to change however when I decided to get to know myself. I found that once I got to know who I really am, I became less unsure of myself. I’m not perfect or anything and my anxiety still affects me but I’m learning what that anxiety means and how to deal with it.

  • We begin making better choices.

Ever sit back and wonder whatever made you make that decision that leads to mounds of regret? Yeah, me too! I’ve found that after some self-discovery and finding out more about who we are, choices are way easier! It becomes about what is going to be most beneficial for us in the long run and rather what’s comfortable in the short game.

  • Self-love goes through the roof.

I mean come on! You’re awesome! I know it! So many people around you know you’re awesome! But the problem is not knowing it yourself. After getting to know who you are, you’ll realize how amazing you are yourself!

Not to toot my own horn too much but I never thought of myself as a funny person. I honestly thought I was a little bland but that changed after actively striving for personal growth, I realized that not only am I a hoot but I’m also strong, caring, and totally capable of being my own hero! In other words, I’m awesome and I know!

How will you take these examples and ideas for personal growth and apply them to your life??

All the best,


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