19 Ways to figure out who you are

19 Ways to figure out who you are

Hey babe! 

Do you feel like your just kind of stumbling around in life? Constantly unsure and seeking something that just seems out of your reach? 

I hear ya! I’ve been there! For most of my life in fact. 

Up until a year or so ago, I felt like I was walking around and just being bumped along with no real sense of purpose or belonging. 

I was 26 at the time, at my uncle’s funeral in fact, that I decided enough was enough. I decided to no longer feel like a stranger in my life. I was going to change the way I viewed myself and how my life around me looked. 

Head over to my post, How I overcame the fear of living my life to read more!

It started when I realized that I was letting other influences into my life that didn’t reflect who I am and who I wanted to be. 

And it’s been several months now but here are the 25 biggest ways that I’ve been able to use to figure out who I am. 

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So how to start figuring out who you are

19 ways to figure out who you are and what you want out of life.

1 // Read – Read anything and everything you want! Reading has so many mental benefits that it’s impossible not to unlock your brain and learn more about yourself. 

Here are my current reads :

It by Stephen King

          The Librarian of Auschwitz by Antonio Iturbe

                                             The Wicked King by Holly Black

2 // Get up earlier – It’s my firm belief that a person has no idea who they are until they’ve been up before the sun and just hang out in their house. This is the perfect time of calm and new beginnings that just sitting around the house will tell you something about yourself! 

3 // Question everything – We all see reports of fake news, right? Or even just that one friend that you suspect is always talking out of his butt. If you’re unsure of something just double check it! Then you can lay some serious knowledge on others and be able to hold your own opinion because you’ll have the facts! 

4 // Audit your life – Discover where you’re areas of weakness are and where you like to improve your strengths. This is insanely important! People can try and use your weaknesses against you but if you know your weaknesses, work on your weaknesses, and own your weakness. No one can use it against you!

5 // Workout consistently – I feel like it sounds silly but I’ve learned so much about myself since I’ve started working out more consistently! I know that because of working out I’m more confident not just in how my appearance but also in my abilities. 

6 // Visualize – This is another that I think is a little weird but that’s okay! LOL

But here’s why you should absolutely be doing it to help you figure out who you are! 

Visualize what you can imagine to be your best life while living a life that you love. 

What does that look like? Who do you see yourself?

Now build habits to fulfill that life! 

7 // Practice gratitude – It’s always a good idea to be grateful for what you have in your life at this moment! Even if you’re working towards another goal! Gratitude helps keep us grounded in what’s important to us. Hence another great way to figure out who you are!

8 // Spend time off your phone – Let’s just admit right now that social media can be pretty toxic. And it doesn’t always show the most realistic aspects of life which can cause some very big ups and downs when our lives don’t reflect what we see on IG. 

Which is why it’s important to get off of social media and find the beauty within yourself! 

9 // Practice self-care – This is so important! Our minds and bodies need that special little something to rejuvenate and re-fuel! This is especially important when it comes to trying to figure out who you are because if you’re fatigued and simply spent by giving so much of yourself to those around you. How are you ever going to get enough energy to put into figuring out who you are?

Here are some recommended reads:

How can you be productive all day

How to get your life together 

15 ways to achieve personal growth

11 // Get out of your comfort zone – You’ve probably heard me say it once, twice, and forever more! But with being outside your comfort zone comes growth and with growth comes a much better understanding of you truly are.  

A great way to get out of your comfort zone is by starting a blog! If you’ve ever been curious about goes into creating a blog, check this out!

12 // Journal everyday – Grab some lovely prompts and just let it out! You’ll be amazed at what you learn about yourself. Plus it’s a great stress reliever! 

13 // Set intentions – Create routines and guidelines and expectations for yourself. Set them and stick to them in order to make sure that you put yourself first and your journey to figuring out who you are. 

14 // Learn to say no – Are you the type of person that is constantly being pulled in different directions? Being asked to do this and this and this and this??? It’s time to say NO!! Put your foot down and begin to take charge of YOUR LIFE. 

15 // Practice mindfulness – This is the perfect way to figure out what really matters to you! If you put constant and conscious thought into everything you do from what you buy, who you hang with, what career you, and even what you eat! You will figure out who you are and the kind of life you want. 

16 // Speak affirmations – Okay, I’m crazy about affirmations!! But they’ll literally the best! It’s the easiest thing by far that I’ve ever tried that has helped me reach my goals, love myself more, and overcome any struggle that I’ve had!

Find out more on why I love affirmations so much! 

17 // Form your own thoughts and opinions – and that means doing your research! It’s time to stop riding coat tails on what other believe feel or believe! This is a huge reason why I had no idea who I was! I was following a lot of other people around, people who are completely different from each other, and take their ideas and opinions and somehow morph them into my own. When I think back like what was I thinking?? 

I don’t want this same thing for you! So figure out who you are and what YOU think and believe! Then do your research and back up your ideas!

18 // Take yourself on a date – at home or go out! Movies by yourself can actually be really fun! Although I don’t recommend a horror movie haha those in a dark theatre by yourself can be really freaky! 

Total random side note but I took myself on a date to see a shark movie, Mega I believe, and I had the theatre all to myself! Which is usually awesome, right?? Not when the scary music is on and the shadows start to play tricks on you!

I literally moved to the back of the theatre because I was getting freaked out that someone was behind me LOL 

19 // Try something new on your own – I recommend doing this by yourself so you can form your own opinions and not get confused by how other people feel!

  • Grab a new recipe to make with ingredients that you haven’t had before or not very often. Watch a new series on Netflix. 
  • Try a new fashion piece. 
  • Just anything that gets you a little out of your comfort zone! 
  • Something as small as reading in a different spot. 

You might surprise yourself with something that you might have thought you would or wouldn’t like!

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What else I have to say about figuring out who you are

Don’t be too hard on yourself if it seems like you’re still a stranger in a couple of months. It takes time trying to get to know someone and that includes yourself! 

Also, remember that once you figure out who you are, growth never stops! So the person that you get to know will probably change and be different a year from now! So never stop taking the time to get to know yourself! 

I love to help! What is the biggest challenge that you face when trying to figure out who you are?? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to help you! 

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With love, 


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