About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting TLM Blog! 

This is a place for you to hopefully find ways to figure out how to live a life you love! It’s a safe place for you to be YOU even if you aren’t sure who that is yet. (And that’s okay! Took me years and sometimes I’m not even sure I’m full there yet!)

My goal is to help you figure out how to be your best self. 

Live the life that you love!

And achieve your wildest dreams! 

Personal growth tips, beauty tips, blogging for beginners

These are things that I spent most of my life thinking that I couldn’t accomplish. I thought that it was sort of a fate thing. Hard work and dedication didn;t have anything to do with it. I would spend hours scouring Pinterest and Instagram thinking about how lucky some people are to be able to do what they love for a living, have a crazy amount of self confidence, and live out their dreams no matter how crazy! 

It wasn’t until one day that I had been praying to God about my lot in life when He spoke to me about blogging and finding other personal growth blogs that talked about creating a life that you love. 

I still didn’t really believe it. How can I start a blog that actually speaks to others? 

He answered by saying that they are others who are like who need to see someone else doing it! To not only prove it to them but to show them that it can be done!

Now here we are, over a year later and I’m blogging about something that I love, that I get paid to do, and that I get to help countless others who were in the same place I was. It’s amazing! 

My name is Teya which we actually pronounce like Tia. 

At this very moment, I’m 27. I can’t believe that I’m a blogger for a living! It’s a crazy hard entrepreneurship that I’m totally in love with!

I believe that all glory goes to God and I’ve been a born again Christian of my own accord since I was 15. 

I’m a doggy mom to a siberian husky and a red-nosed pitbull.

I love to read! Mostly YA fiction books and a few of my favorite series are Twilight (Yes, don’t judge me!), Renegades, Iron fey, and the Folk of the Air. I also reread Harry Potter every Christmas! 

I’m a total daredevil! I’ve been skydiving, whitewater rafting, and have plans to go shark diving. 

I’m a natural born Wyomingnite and love this crazy wild state. 

I’m in love with the same guy for over four years now. 

I would choose the cold over the heat any day! Fall and winter my favorites. 

I’m a total skin care junkie! I love trying new things and creating my own recipes. 

There’s more coffee than blood in my body. 

And I still use a nightlight because I’m not a fan of the dark. 

I’m also not perfect. Along, with you everyday I work toward becoming who I want to be and sometimes I fail. However I still get up everyday with a fresh perspective and make greater strides to be who I want to be! I won’t let the devil get me down!

Let’s do this together! 

All the best,