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The best advice I ever received about being happy

Do you want to be happier?  I know I do! I mean, who doesn’t want to be happier??  And I might be trying to draw you in a little bit with the oh so mysterious…

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How to get your life together

Are you looking around at your life and surprised by what you see? Is it better than you imagined or a little lackluster?  If it’s the latter, then welcome! If you’ve reached this point in…

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Advice that I would give my younger self

27 years…I can’t believe that I had my birthday a couple days ago on May 28th. That in mind, I have a little bit of advice that I would give my younger self! There are…

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How to deal with anxiety

How to deal with anxiety…it’s not as easy as someone telling you to calm down! Which usually makes us even more anxious! Which is why I made this post! To tell you about my own…

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How to deal with waiting

What is this whole waiting thing? What do I mean when I say waiting period. Well in my experience it’s that time where you’re waiting for the next good parts to begin. Maybe you’re waiting…

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