45 ways to practice self-care

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First, what is self-care?

The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health

The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

This what pops up when you ask Google what the definition is of self-care. 

I love the second one and how it talks about having an active role, this means that YOU are no longer going to put yourself on the back burner but make yourself a priority and here’s why. When we take care of ourselves, we are so much more apt to taking care of everything else. I’m sure you’ve heard that you can’t pour from an empty cup and this is not just for moms or dads who have kids to raise but for anyone who puts effort back into something, be that relationships, works, projects, anything! 

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What isn’t self-care?

It is not the justification to be selfish. It’s not the excuse to over indulge. Self-care is about taking care of yourself (sounds obvious LOL) it’s about doing the things that you don’t want to do but do anyways because it’s good for you.

It’s about making sure that you’re a priority. 

Next, how to practice self-care?

It’s start with recognizing that you are important! Many times we just put ourselves onto the back burned because we simply feel that we don’t deserve it. 

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Start building a routine. 

Now I have several different routines in place such as for an evening routine and a morning routine, emergency routine, Sunday routine, Tuesday routine and I mean I think you get the point here…

My point is that don’t think that you have to fit it all into on mold, the best part of your life is that you get decide for the most part what it looks like! So take the reins babe!! 

And anyways back to building a routine, 

  • My three key elements in this would be: 
  • 1. To choose a time and stick with it as best you can. 
  • 2. Choose what works best for you! That’s why I made list below to help give you some ideas! 
  • 3. DO IT!! The biggest part of self-care is that you actually practice it!
How to practice self-care different ideas for self care self care ideas self care routines How to understand self care and practice it

Another way it to make sure that others who are actively involve in your life are made aware of what your doing so that they can respect your self-care time.  

Practice self-care is not going to look the same to everybody and that’s okay. The most important thing to remember is that you’re doing something for you, something good for you, and something that will help you.

Self-care is about what's good for you! Not an excuse for over-indulgence Click To Tweet

This could mean anything!

Skincare routines are often seen because it’s good for you, gives you some alone time, and is something that you do for you.

It’s a great time to de-stress and meditate.

Fitness routines are seen for the same reasons! Personally I like to enjoy a cup of coffee, read a couple chapters of a book, and workout. 

I know that figuring out how to take care of yourself is hard so I put together 45 different self-care ideas that are either free or really cheap, and can be done at the drop of a dime.

All of these ideas are great and I include most of them into one of my routines at some point!

So please scroll through and tell me which is your favorite??

Did I miss something that you think should be included?? Tell me in the comments!

45 Ways of Self-care

1 // Take a long bubble bath

Baths are fabulous! I actually wrote a post comparing the love of God to a bath (Sounds crazy I know!) but baths are a fantastic way to release any tension in your body and you can add salts, oils, or aromas to really enhance your bath and give yourself more benefits. 

2 // Read a book

If you are anything like me, then one of the biggest parts of self-care is mental health and getting out of your own head to recharge and stop with all the self-sabotage (Hands up if you are massively guilty in this department??) reading is a huge help! When the book is super engaging and just sucks you in! Not to mention all the benefits that come with reading! Less stress, better writing skills, more cognitive function, improved sleeping and increased focused just to name a few! I’m currently rereading The Immortal instruments! Love!

3 // Work out

Working out releases endorphins, which are the happy hormones that get released. It’s proven that not only will working out help keep your figure but will vastly improve all areas of your life such as brain function, sleep patterns, and make sure that your insides keep running in tip top shape. 

4 // Do something creative

Don’t think that you have to be some sort of great artist to have some fun! You can de-stress and work the other half of your brain for a while. 

5 // Cook a new recipe

6 // Write yourself a letter

7 // Give yourself a facial

8 // Take a walk

Walking is insanely good for you! We were built for walking! Not to mention the fresh air is a great thing! 

9 // Play a game 

10 // Color a picture

Following that theme of creativity 😉

11 // Do some baking such as cookies 

12 // Meditate 

13 // Do some light stretching 

14 // Take some deep breaths

This is especially helpful if your feeling overwhelmed. Take just a few minutes to breathe deeply, getting more oxygen to the brain and giving your heart a chance to calm down. You’ll feel much better in just a matter of minutes!

15 // Sing at the top of your lungs 

16 // Take a nap

17 // Do your makeup

Doesn’t have to be for any specific reason just show your face some love and practice your inner makeup artistry! 

18 // Recite your affirmations

Affirmations are crazy good for you! When you repeatedly tell them to yourself, you’ll start to notice a change and that is because your training your mind to think differently! In a way to follow your affirmations. 

19 // Go see a movie by yourself

20 // Go to a coffee shop and try something new 

21 // Lie outside and get some fresh air 

22 // Cuddle with someone you love or your pets 

It’s a real thing that we’re creatures of contact. I know that it’s more for some than others but the fact remains that a good hug will automatically take some of your stress away! And did you know that a purring cat will do the same thing?? 

23 // Watch a goofy movie

Laughter is good for the soul people!

24 // Netflix binge

25 // Start waking up earlier

26 // Have an aromatherapy session

27 // Apply some essential oils

My favs are peppermint, lavender, and citrus 🙂

28 // Read some uplifting passages from the Bible

29 // Pray over yourself

There is literally nothing to big for God, give over some of your heartache to him and he’ll handle the rest. 

30 // Give yourself a hair treatment (Love this one!)

31 // De-clutter something such as your email folder or junk drawer

Is there a better feeling than a clean house??

32 // Practice gratitude

This one has been huge for me on my list of self-care! I notice a massive difference in the way that I treat the day and others when I practice gratitude. 

33 // Focus on your aspirations

34 // Make a new playlist

35 // Stay in comfies all day

36 // Shut out the world for a day

Don’t answer the phone/door or check social media.

37 // Deactivate social media

There is nothing like being present in your own life! Don’t spend all of your time focusing on other peoples. Focus on YOU babe!

38 // Go for a hike

39 // Journal

40 // Enjoy a dance party

41 // Have a talk with a good friend

42 // Give yourself a manicure or pedicure

43 // Get yourself some flowers

44 // Have a good cry

Enjoy an ugly cry!! Just let the tears flow! You don’t even have to cry over something specifically being wrong. It’s just nice to have that release, ya know?

One more thing! Don’t forget your printable of all these ideas!

45 // Write out your frustrations

This to me is different than journaling because journaling is more intentional while I think just going to town and writing is more about releasing the pent up emotions with no thought or conscience. 

Lastly, what to remember

With everything in life, self-care is not always easy. Like we talked about before sometimes it’s about doing the things that are difficult but good for your. It’s not going to be butterflies and rainbows all the time. You’ll be the tortious is the race and the race might long but remember that YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

All the best,


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