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Coping with anxiety | dealing with anxiety | understanding mental illness | what to do when I have anxiety

How to deal with anxiety…it’s not as easy as someone telling you to calm down! Which usually makes us even more anxious!

Which is why I made this post! To tell you about my own experiences and give you some ideas that you can use to deal with anxiety!

It’s May which if you weren’t aware is mental health awareness month. I didn’t realize this was a thing until stuff starting popping up onto my Insta feed and I thought, this is amazing! This is something that I need to put my name into the hat for because I have suffered for over a decade with anxiety that stems into a mild depression.

My anxiety is something that I truly thought was broken within me because I have a great life! My parents are always there for me and I’ve never had to go without a basic necessity.

I have never known what it’s like to go to bed hungry or to live without a roof. These are things that make me insanely grateful!! Which is why it’s so difficult for me to understand why I feel the way that I do sometimes.

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A little more background story on my anxiety

I was about 14 when I started self-harm. I began to slice up my arms in a way to cope with what I was feeling. Looking back I can totally see how it developed into that situation! My anxiety was beginning to peak and I had no idea what was going on!

I didn’t take long to be found out about what I was doing and I was put into therapy but it took me about 2 years before I finally stopped cutting myself and still years to actually figure out what was going on in my head!

This is why I think that it’s so important to spread more awareness on mental health because it’s okay to feel what we feel! However, a lot of us don’t discuss it because we feel guilty!

Just because one life might be more privileged than another does not mean that the pain and fear that we feel is any less real or important.

Unfortunately this is the case for a lot of us who deal with depression, anxiety, or any mental health issue really.

Where to get help

Little disclaimer! I am not a mental health professional. I did not go to school for this and I am not an expert by any means and I would strongly encourage you to seek out a professional if you have any question or doubt about needing to get yourself some help.

It’s not weak or cowardly to admit that something is not right on the inside. You don’t have to fight this fight alone!

Reach out to someone to help and most importantly reach out to God.

He will always have your back! God will help you heal, give you the design and purpose of your life, and an overwhelming amount of love and acceptance that you can’t get anywhere else!

That being said, here is a phone number to connect you to a mental health professional, 1-877-726-4727. This number will connect you to the Substance abuse and mental health hotline and they can provide a bunch of information on mental health and help connect you to local help. Check out their website as well!

Whoa! The beginning part of this post is not what I initially had in mind LOL I really did not think that it would come out quite has heavy as it did but that’s okay! Sometimes God just takes these things and moves them in a way that can reach someone who really needs to hear it so that they know they aren’t alone in a certain situation.

Anyways!! Let’s move onto what I do when I need to deal with anxiety.

First thing that I do is I have to recognize what I’m feeling is anxiety and what is hormonal.

TMI TIME!! I always get very emotional the week or so before it’s my lady time. For some reason I can never remember and it happens every month but I still break down and think why is this happening!! Once I figure it out or someone points it out to me, I’m like oh okay! My body just hates me right now but nothing is actually wrong! Okay, take some midol, chocolate, and a bath =) and I’m right as rain! Usually LOL

So first step is to realize that it’s my anxiety and move forward!

My anxiety tools

1. Talk about it

First thing I do is usually pick up the phone and call my mom or my man and just start! I tell them what I’m being anxious about and why. I’ll even tell them that I know it seems silly but it’s causing me grief! There almost is never a fix that they can give me but just talking about it helps my mind work it out and settle back into a sense of normalcy

2. Write it out

If there is no one around for me to talk to or if I’m just so overwhelmed that I don’t want to talk to someone. I go to town in some form of writing! I’ll type, grab a notebook, or even text myself! Just anything to get out the emotions and frustrations that I’m feeling.

3. Clean

It might not be very glamorous! But it keeps my hands and body busy enough that my mind doesn’t wander that bad. Plus, as a bonus, the house gets super clean! This is also a great way to ensure long term health care since a tidy home leads to a tidy mind.

4. A nice in-depth self-care routine

Usually I’ll do something skincare focused – face masks, extra moisturizer, facial massage, or a steam! My skincare routine also serves a dual purpose of having a small meditation session. I love being able to focus and be meticulous with something that I care about to distract me from my anxiety.

5. Read a book

This is along the same line as a well needed distraction. Books have been a strong need for my sanity since I was about 11! The transportation to another world is perfect! Not only that but it’s proven that book reading is so beneficial for you! As in: mental stimulation, Vocabulary expansion, and improved focus just to name a few from 10 ways reading benefits you.  

6. Breathing exercises

I inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth nice and deep. I also place my hand over my heart to feel my heartbeat slow down which helps my brain realize that whatever is going on is probably not going to hurt me.

7. Check myself

When was the last time I ate? Have I had a shower? Brushed my teeth? What about changing my clothes? I have to make sure that my body is being taken care to ensure that my anxiety is under control.

8. Take some time off

From life and the world! I’ll take my phone and put it into another room and grab a deck of cards or put in a movie and just have some time to myself. I think we can all agree that the world can be insane and we all need some time away!

tips and tricks to deal with anxiety | mental health | anxiety tips | understanding and coping with anxiety | dealing with a mental illness | help with anxiety | how to get help with anxiety anxiety and God | how God will help with anxiety | Godly help

Here ya go! 8 ways to help deal with anxiety!

What do you think??

Are these some ways that you can see yourself using to deal with your own anxiety? Explain below! Or maybe there’s a tool or technique missing that you use! Be sure to say so below!

All the best,


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    Loved your article! I hope it helps someone who struggles with anxiety.

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      LOL thanks!

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