How to deal with waiting

How to deal with waiting | waiting on God | God's plan | patience

What is this whole waiting thing?

What do I mean when I say waiting period. Well in my experience it’s that time where you’re waiting for the next good parts to begin. Maybe you’re waiting for your future husband, best friend, college acceptance, or just that new move in your life. It can be really tough waiting, believe me! I am no stranger to the whole waiting thing! It seemed for a very long time all I was doing was waiting. I pushed and fought against it and honestly probably made my life a little less bearable than it needed to be. See when God is telling us to wait, it’s not a punishment! Sometimes it’s a test to see how much we trust God’s plan for us but usually it’s just because God is getting ready to bless you with something amazing! Something beyond your wildest dreams! So what can you do in those waiting periods?

Trust in waiting

Honestly, if I had just sat back and waited those times could have been the most peaceful times.. Of course I had to try and make it my way and turned it into a time of self-doubt and loathing. There is so much to enjoy while waiting that I really kick myself! It’s a nice time to sit back and breath a little and just be in the moment. Take this time to really put that trust in God and take a break from worrying about the next move.

Enjoy it

This is probably one of the hardest things to do! EVER! Especially when we think that we know best and we’re tired of being in the waiting room and just want to move on to the next thing! As I said before though, waiting is sometime’s testing. How much do you trust that God has not only the best for you but stuff beyond your dreams and expectations? This is a great time to reflect on how much you trust God and have conversations with him that reflect that.

How to deal with waiting on God | what to do when god is telling you to wait | waiting | being patient | mindset | mindset growth | learning how to be patient | self-growth | christian growth | God's plan


You know one of my biggest waiting periods was when I waiting for a man who could be my future husband. So I looked and I looked and I dated boys who were not right for me and who would never become the man that I needed but still I pushed and I pushed for this guy to be that guy. Obviously it didn’t work. What I could have done instead was prepare myself to be a great woman that could be a great wife. I could have worked on making myself a better person such as working on my temper or lack of confidence. You this is a time to strive for personal growth to help yourself become the kind of person that you want to be. Focus on that instead of what you’re waiting for.


How much are you missing out on? How many friendships with friends and family are put on the back burner? Don’t ignore those that are close to you or who have the potential to be close to you! One of the worst things you can do is isolate yourself. That won’t make it easier to wait. Relationships make waiting so much more fun! Sometimes there might be someone who can relate to what you’re going through and that WILL help make waiting easier. Plus, once the waiting period is over you won’t have to try and rebuild bonds and friendships they will be there ready to celebrate with you!


Do a little soul searching and see if you can find a reason why the Lord might be asking you to wait on Him. Have you strayed a little bit and He’s trying to get your attention again? Have you asked him to help with a problem and He’s simply answering just in a different way? Or maybe you asked for help growing your patience or trust? If you can find something like this or similar, lean in on it! Thank God and try to learn more from it.

How to deal with waiting on God | what to do when god is telling you to wait | waiting | being patient | learning how to be patient | self-growth | christian growth | God's plan

What are some things you can do to not grow restless?


May be a little obvious but pray to God about. Lay your fears and doubts on Him about the situation. It’s insane what can come from prayer and not just an answer. Acknowledgement can help us make sense of the situation and bring closure to it. Venting also is amazing! God is not gonna judge you or turn away from you by being upset. Say whatever you want or need to say! Release the pressure! Read this prayer on waiting for God’s timing.

Seek outside help

Talk to someone who can be viewed as a sort of mentor. Someone who can be trusted but who isn’t involved with the situation so closely. Talk to them and get advice and set up accountability so as to not rush the process.

Continue to work on yourself

As I said before, use this time to work on yourself! Focus on yourself. Find a new workout, self-care regime, or take a class. Something that will help you grow while still allowing yourself to wait on God.

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Trust in God. He’s got your back in everything!

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