Why we should stop complaining

Why we should stop complaining

Did you know that a person has between 60,000 to 120,000 thoughts a day of which 80% are negative and complaining?

Surprised? Yeah! So was I when I read that statistic! Which got me thinking about my own thoughts and reactions and how many of them are negative. I mean a simple drive home could end up with bad thoughts and rude gestures if ya know what I mean!

So I looked into some ways that negativity and complaining hurts you and why changing your ways will improve your life!

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There are about 4 ways how complaining and negativity affect us

Negativity burdens the soul

Notice how heavy your heart is sometimes at night when your lying in bed and the replay of your day is on? It’s the negative thoughts! Keeping these things at the forefront of your mind leaves no room to let in the good and after a while it starts to seep into everything and becomes a burden on your heart.

Nobody likes a Debbie Downer

Do you like when someone puts down your ideas? Or when your excited about something but it doesn’t matter because someone just keeps bringing up reasons that it’s not enough?

This stems from negativity and complaining! After a while it just becomes a habit and you don’t notice anymore how much you’re complaining. Soon no one is going to want to be around you or tell you anything good that is happening to him or her.

Complaining changes nothing

How many times does complaining affect whatever your upset about? I mean really? It feels good for a little while but then the feeling wears off and your back to where you were before. The cycle continues on for as long as you let it.

Negativity attracts negativity

We are what surrounds to a point so when all you’re being is negative, guess what? That is all that’s going to be around you! It’s a vicious cycle and one that is hard to get out. Trust me!

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Now here are 5 reasons why you should stop complaining and negativity

Improve your quality of life

Do you notice those people who seem to be so happy and have it all together? Do you ever hang around them and notice a pattern? That’s right! They work hard to keep complaining to a minimum! If there is negativity, they work to see the positive!

Stop seeing only the negative

Positivity begets positivity! When you work to see something other negativity, you’ll exactly see that! Everything that some people don’t see, you’ll be able to point out!

Become more joyful

Joyful is different from being happy let me tell you! Happiness is temporary but joy is everlasting! Joy is not the absence of anything bad but the decision to remain hopeful and positive in spite of trouble. Joy is the promise that bad things will not be forever and they shall pass.


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A lower temper

I’ve noticed in myself that the more I tried to stop complaining, the less I flew off the handle! Maybe it’s because focusing on something else doesn’t give enough time to throw a temper or is it because you’re looking through a new perspective?

Probably the latter! It’s not that things won’t get to you and make you made but focusing on positivity does make you pause and think, “Is this worth my anger?”

Victor Over Victim

Positivity over negativity, the choice is yours! Are you going to let the negativity turn you into a victim and wallow in the downside of life? I’m not saying that it isn’t hard or fair but it is our choices that define the outlook of our life and how people might see us. (I say might because we all know that sometimes people do just suck!)

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Break away from those stats and be you! It’s not easy to go against the grain but it’s so worth it! I’ve had some broken days and I’ve regretted living my own way!

Take control and choose you and what you want for your life. Kick out that negativity and embrace the positive! Turn on a deaf ear to anything that will try to hold you back! Learn to stop complaining and everything will turn out okay!

And remember that the big guy upstairs (yeah, I mean God 😉 ) has got your back too!

All the best,


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