The ultimate guide to getting your pins noticed

The ultimate guide to getting your pins noticed

How do you get your posts in front of a lot of people to get traffic to skyrocket and be able to make a full time income??


Pinterest is the lifeblood of traffic for SOOO many bloggers! And for good reason! It’s completely free to use, there are almost 3 million users, it’s the most engaged platform, and pins last forever!

Literally a pin could have been made 3 years ago and it’s still being shown in feeds! Compare that to Instagram or Facebook where a post could have a feed life of just a few minutes! 

So it makes sense that pins should be knock out! I mean absolute fire baby!

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What is the point of pins?

Pinterest is basically a visual search engine. Pins are how you get into that search engine!

Pins are supposed to grab your ideal readers attention and give them a brief but urgent need to read whatever post you’ve created! 

Elements of a great pin

There are 3 essential elements to a great pin! Design, keywords, and intent. 

Design of a pin

4 features that your pin should include are fonts, colors, size, and enticement.


Make sure that your font is clear and easy to read! We all love those swirly fonts that are very girly and script but beware! If your reader can’t actually read the words, they will move onto a different pin that they know for sure what it says! 

You’ll want to choose fonts with clean and bold fonts. Something that will really pop!

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There is no color that is better than another color but there is the right MIX of colors!

Don’t be afraid to have some neutral colors and one or two fun colors! White is a great option because any color that you choose will have a nice POP to it!


Coming from the horse’s mouth! Meaning from Pinterest headquarters that sizes should 2:3 with the most optimal sizing being 600:900! Canva has a great preset size of 735:1102. I’ve also seen and used 1000:3000. All of these work great! 


The most important part a pin is getting people to look at it!

That means using clear images that don’t obscure the words on the pins. I like using images with a white background and items that correspond with the post that you’re publishing.

Meaning that if you’re posting about makeup, use images with makeup on it! Don’t use puppies or something totally off subject!

Next part of a great pin is keywords.

How to get pins noticed | blogging tips for beginners | successful blog | blog resources | blogging tips | how to start a blog | Make money blogging fast | Stay at home blogging | How to become a blogger and make money | sponsored posts | getting traffic to my blog | how to make pins for viral | creating the perfect pin #PinterestSEO #Pinteresttraffic #bloggingtraffic


This is huge, you guys! Keywords are words that you’ll want associated with your pin so that people will see your pin whenever they search for something you’ve written about!

Be sure to use relevant keywords on your pin!

Use words that people search for in addition to your main idea. If you’re trying to get traffic to a post about skin care don’t just put skin care on the pin!

I mean that seems obvious but take about the skin care morning routine or skin care for 20s with combination! See what I mean? Get people’s attention by showing them exactly what they’ve been looking for!

Next up, it’s about intent.

Clear intent

The next part, after you’ve shown them what their looking for, is to tell them how you’re going to help them! People don’t want to read your posts right off the bat because they like YOU, no they want to know how reading your post will be able to help THEM.

For example, if you’re writing a post on combination skin and how to maintain balance, you could write something like this,

“Learn these 20 secrets to keep your skin balanced!”

This is a great caption! Great keywords, enticement, and intent! You know that anyone with combination skin will be super quick to click onto this one! 

Make sure that you’re creating clickable titles and not click-baits!

You know those titles that seem too good to be true? Those are click-baits and don’t fall into that trap! 

It’s difficult to be genuine with your readers if you can’t deliver on your titles. There will be no trust built and readers won’t stick around, subscribe, or even trust a link that you put up. Which means that you could be losing money!

So remember to give your readers a sense of why they need to read your post without overselling it! Remember it’s better undersell and over deliver! 

What is the best way to get pins circulating in Pinterest

Okay, we’ve gone over what your pins will need to be great and click-able! But that’s not all that’s needed. Your account is crucial as is your pinning strategy.

And it all starts with your account! Read on!

Pinterest business account

In order to have a better reach and more priority, it’s important that you set a BUSINESS account with Pinterest. Personal accounts just won’t get the job done!

Pinterest business accounts get special perks that personal accounts just don’t. 

For example, you’ll get Pinterest analytics which goes over your engagement such as clicks and saves. Also, how many people will see your pin in their feeds! 

They also keep track of your most popular pins. 

This information will help you to know which pin designs work well and which ones don’t!

And as a business account you’ll be able to verify your website! Which is huge when avoiding Pinterest assuming your spam.

It’s also the first step in setting up RICH PINS!

Rich pins

From the horse’s mouth, Rich Pins are a type of organic Pin format that provide more context about an idea by showing extra information directly on the Pin.

So basically, rich pins give more information to the viewer. 

If any information is updated on the post, the rich pin will automatically be updated as well! It’s the only way to make sure that your pins give the most accurate information! 

How to set up rich pins is super easy!

Here’s the directions!

How to set up rich pins

They say that it’ll take 24 hours once you’ve applied but it took them less than 2 hours to get mine set up! It takes less than 5 minutes and it’s totally worth it! 

Now that we’ve got our account in order and killer pins, what next? Well pinning obviously!

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Manual pinning versus Tailwind

Okay so you’ve created the perfect pin and now your ready to spread it across the great Pinterest verse! And I’m sure that you’ve seen plenty of posts going over the various pros and cons of manual pinning versus using a scheduler known as Tailwind. 

If you’re unaware, Tailwind is a scheduler that partners with Pinterest. You can spend just a few hours a week scheduling pins and then don’t have to worry about it anymore!

I’ve done both! I’ve spent time where I only used a scheduler and where I’ve only manually pinned. 

Both are really good options!

The 2 most important things to remember are that you should make sure you pin consistently and to not spam Pinterest with the same pin over and over again! 

Tailwind is great for those things! It’s a super easy way to make sure that your pins are getting out there without being spammy. 

Plus, Tailwind has a smart scheduler feature which means that Tailwind will analyse your Pinterest engagement and set a personalized schedule for you to make sure that your pins will get the most optimal reach possible! 

If you want to try Tailwind for free, click here! Tailwind hooked me up with a free month for you try it out!

Tailwind is actually how my Pinterst reached grew 1,000% overnight! I’m not exaggerating either! You can read my experience with graphs here, 

1,000% traffic growth

The downside is that Tailwind does cost money every month. =( It’s difficult when you’re a new blogger just started out and new business tools keep popping up meaning more and more money is going out with no return! It sucks!

Which is why manual pinning is still a great business practice!

Pinterest is totally free! It just asks that you stay consistent which is what many people have a hard time with. It won’t do you any good to pin once or twice a week and forget about it! 

Stay consistent!

Carly has an amazing course that goes super in-depth on how she gets over 200,000 pageviews a month! 

My traffic has tripled since I joined her course and it’s growing everyday! 

What I love about her course, is that she has real actionable tips that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else!

She’s clear and concise about every aspect of figuring out the best way to pin manually and get great traffic to your site. 

The best part is that it’s a one-time fee of $47 and that’s lifetime access! Anytime there’s an update there’s no extra fee to read those new additions!

For a while now I actually use both manual pinning and Tailwind. 

I always pin manually from my blog and my own pins and then schedule other people’s pins using Tailwind. 

There ya have it! Everything that it takes to create the perfect pin and getting that pin seen in front of all the people! 

Are you ready to get your pins the boost that they need? Leave me a comment letting me where you’ll start first! With pin design? Or your account? Or something else?? Let me know! 

All the best, 


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