Valentines day for him or her: Easy, cheap, and last minute ideas

Valentines day for him or her: Easy, cheap, and last minute ideas

Let’s get one thing out of the way, this post is for those no muss no fuss Valentine’s Day ideas that can be used for either him or her and most definitely for those who are little light on cash and light on remembrance LOL how can you forget! The damn store reminds us about it for like 3 months!

What is Valentine’s Day all about? 

Before we dive into Valentine’s day ideas, what is the deal with this holiday? Is it really just a gimmick created by Hallmark to sell more cards? (It’s the second most popular holiday for card giving…151 million!!)

I did a little digging and actually found out that it was created for Hallmark but for Saint Valentine (which I’m sure you’ve heard before!) who was this Valentine person? What made him so special to have an entire day deemed for his honor?

Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine was in fact a christian martyr (I was super surprised!!)

When Emperor Claudius II in the 3rd century banned marriage believing that unmarried men would be better soldiers because they won’t be worried about returning to a family.

Valentine believed that marriage was a God given right so he started to marry people in secret. After being found he was imprisoned and sentenced to a three day execution. He was sentenced to be beaten, stoned, and finally be-headed.

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Pretty crazy right?? There is also belief that “From your Valentine” is because Valentine himself wrote a note before his execution to the daughter of a jail guard. The story goes that he had healed her blindness and he passes along a note with the ending stating “from your Valentine”

It was until the 5th century that he was recognized for his martyrdom and given the honor of having a day in his honor.

Why celebrate Valentine’s day?

Well I believe that we should take this day to remember our special someone. I know that some people say that I can be romantic any day of the year and that means so much more. But do you? Do you remember to be romantic and remind your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend that despite all the hard times that it’s still about the two of you?

It’s difficult to remember sometimes! It’s nothing to be ashamed of because HELLO! We’ve all been there! We don’t mean to but we sometimes put the relationship onto the back burner.

Take these ideas and use Valentine’s day as a reminder that despite the hard times, you’re still committed.

25 cheap, easy and last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day

Create a coupon book

This is such a fun and easy thing to do!! Seriously can be done in an hour! So long as you have a printer or access to a printer, HECK! Hand-write them! These coupons can be catered to whomever! They can be fun like one free Nerf gun session or a free makeup session (This is especially useful if you’re involved with an online influencer LOL) You can make em sexy, chore filled, or personalized like if he/she is a major Star Wars fan then they get an entire marathon that you have to sit through with no complaining! Whatever it is, just make sure that it reflects them and not you. If you don’t have time, this one here is relatively cheap and super cute!

Love thoughts

Take little notes and write down the whys, the moments, the dreams, and the desires and create a way that he/she can find them! Either lay them about the house for a nice surprise create a path for him/her to follow to a special spot, or just place them into a jar or box for them to have. It can be so emotional to receive a written word from the person you love!

Massage night

Very romantic! And on the cheap side! All you need is some candles, massage oil, and a towel or something you don’t mind getting the oil on!

Heart finger print tree

This is such a cute! It can be done with left over paint, which helps the wallet or just a minimal amount of cash to buy some paint. It can be done as a surprise or a great date night activity! It’s super duper easy to make! Just take a look, here.

Have a dance party

If your partner is into dancing but not really your thing, SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! Put on some sweet music or party music and become a dance partner. He/she won’t care if you’re the next dancing start. It’ll just be amazing that you created this dancing memory. 

Make him/her a playlist

Step back mix tape! We’re ushering in the era of Spotify playlists! This obviously goes great with the dance party! 

Make love puns out of food

“I donut what I’d do without you” – Donuts

“Life would suck without you”  – Lolly pops

“I love you a latte” – Latte or cup of coffee

Home cooked dinner

When I asked my boyfriend what I should include in this list and he said STEAK DINNER LOL now obviously it doesn’t have to be a streak dinner but make their favorite meal. It shows that you know him/her and really care enough to put that thought into your meal. 

Breakfast in bed

Morning of or the morning after who cares! It’s the thought that counts right?? Just make sure that you make a heart shaped breakfast. J

Clean the house

Or at least do that one chore that you’re significant HATES to do! 

Do whatever

Skip the usual Valentine’s Day ideas and do whatever you guys like to do! Watch scary movies, binge Last Man Standing, do a puzzle, or play video games. Just make sure that you two spend quality time together!

Heart shaped pizza

Heart shaped any kind of food! I just love pizza because it’s a little unusual. Pizza Hut is doing heart-shaped pizza this year and SPOILER alert! This is how Dustin and I will be spending V-Day!

Handmade cards

It’s amazingly easy with just spare paper floating around! Again, doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Plus construction paper is super cheap! 

Post-it notes

I saw this super cute pic where she had put up a heart shape in post-its! Little notes written all over them! Super cute!! 

Go stargazing

It’s super romantic and a great excuse to cuddle up with someone. Plus, it’s totally free! 

Take a romantic walk

Some ideas are walk around some old stomping grounds if you’ve been together for a long time. Walk around your park. Find a place with twinkle lights up. While you’re on this walk, you can talk about future plans or these questions to spark some conversations. 

Raid the Taco Bell packets

Go to Taco Bell and find all of the relationship type packets! 

Call into the radio 

Have them dedicate a song to that special someone! I had it happen to me once and it was one of the best things! Just make sure that they’re listening!

Spouse prayer calendar

This is such a unique one! If you’re a Christian then you know the importance of having a Christ-centered relationship. It’ll be awesome to show your spouse that you’re thinking about them even in their private time with God. 

Take him/her a surprise at work

Who said that you have to celebrate with dinner?? It’ll be a nice break from the monotony of work and show that you’re thinking about him/her. You can take baked goods, lunch, coffee, or flowers just to give you an idea. 

Frame a photo of the two of you after you had just first met

Super cheap and fun because you get to run down memory lane. It’s so sweet to see the change as well!

Make an appreciation list

Just write down everything that they do that you love! It’ll remind him/her that the things that they do don’t go unnoticed and it’ll remind you that they’re still apart of the team. 

Send the kids to bed a little early and enjoy an in-home date night

Make it fun by having him come to the door all dressed up and make sure you dress up to! 


No, not in THAT way! 

I mean go to a bar or coffee shop, arriving at separate times, and pretend that you don’t know each other and you have to try and pick the other person up! Can be done super cheap and it’s way fun! 

A day from parenting

Okay that sounds really bad but I don’t mean it that way! What I mean is that set up a night for the kiddos to go spend the night with friends and grandparents and have a nice time just the two of you, maybe even sleep in the next day?

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In the end

The point is just to make an effort! I know that trying to keep the relationship a priority can be tough when you’re also trying to do the whole parenting, student, general adulting thing. Take V-Day as a little reminder to focus on your relationship! Relationships take work! The rainbows and butterflies won’t last forever! Take the super cheap, easy, and last minute ideas to surprise your special someone. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Be sure to share this with your friends and family! I’m you’re not the only one short on ideas 🙂

All the best, 


Valentines day for him or her: Easy, cheap, and last minute ideas + 25 easy and last minute valentine's day ideas for him or her + valentine's day easy ideas + valentines day cheap gift ideas + valentine's day gifts for him + valentine's day gift for her + history of Valentine's day
Valentines day for him or her: Easy, cheap, and last minute ideas + 25 easy and last minute valentine's day ideas for him or her + valentine's day easy ideas + valentines day cheap gift ideas + valentine's day gifts for him + valentine's day gift for her + history of Valentine's day

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