Weekly blogging tasks

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Welcome back!! Today is all about weekly blogging tasks that help my blog run smooth!

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If you weren’t here yesterday than you might like to know that this post is actually part of a mini-series geared toward figuring out what the heck bloggers do all the time! These are daily, weekly, and monthly blogging tasks! Yesterday we went over what daily tasks need to be taken care for the best growth of your blog and today it’s all about the weekly checklist! Find the post HERE!

These are all the things that I do in bulk to help make my daily load easier to handle. They are not any less important than the daily blogging tasks!

In no particular order, here are my weekly blogging tasks!

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Update blog plugins

This is pretty straight forward and something that our site needs but it can be so tedious to update a plugin everytime it pops up! Sometimes they take way longer than we think they should which puts us back a bit on productivity.

Check Google Analytics

I try very hard to only do this once a week because checking your stats everyday can do crazy things to you brain and how you grow your blog. Think about it! One day, your numbers are up and your flying high and think I can take a little bit of slack today! Check it again tomorrow and wha!!! All your numbers are down?? How can this happen? So you throw yourself into work and exhaust yourself!

Checking once a week lets you focus on what you need to do for your blog without those distractions above. You still get to track what is working and what isn’t.

Potential guest posts

Every week I’ll do some research on some sites that I would like to see publish my posts! Then I’ll come up with some draft ideas, pitch it to the sites, and then create a game plan on making sure that the post will be ready for the site’s deadline. This is a fantastic way to get exposure to new readers and create connections with other bloggers! Somethings to keep in mind when thinking about guest posting

  • Keep your requests sincere – no one wants to work with someone who is only in it for their selfish reasons. Pitch content that is going to be beneficial to the other blogs readers!
  • Keep it OG – It’s not a good look to try and get content onto a new blog that’s already been on your blog, possibly even other’s blogs. It shows laziness and a lack of authenticity to double dip like that! You’re better than that! Show off that you can do awesome original work!
  • Put everything you have into it – Remember that these are brand new readers who may have never been exposed to your work before. This is the perfect opportunity to turn them into lifelong readers and first impressions are so important! That’s why it’s important to put your best work forward!
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Draft weekly newsletter

I always like to draft out something that I’ll send to my email subscribers and then I can refine during the week!

Plan social media content

I would go crazy if I didn’t try and plan what I post online in advance. I am not the greatest on my feet kind of thinker! I like to have at one piece of content for each platform, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram per day if not more. I try to create something engaging that might spark a conversation with my readers.

Once I have my content, I’ll set reminders on my phone to go off so I don’t forget a single time to post! I also take a few minutes to check in with my mastermind group with Michelle from Makingsenseofcents.com!

Record financials

This is a great idea once you start making money from your blog! Simple record any amounts that have been received from the previous week and make sure they match up with what was reported so there’s no mix ups and discrepancies!! Then take a look at what to expect for the next week! It’s pretty important to keep track since for bloggers, we get payment from many different sources! It’s not like they bundle checks! Though wouldn’t that be nice LOL.

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Check in with affiliate programs

Programs like Shareasale and CJ Affiliate are adding new companies all the time! I like to go in and take a peak at what could be a great addition to my blog and what could be of value to readers.

Tweak the site

Make sure you keep up on the maintenance of your blog site! Make sure that links are still working, pages are loading properly, and everything still fits your vision and mission.

Reflect on the week

This is a great time to decide what worked well last week and what could be improved upon in the coming week! Look over what accomplishments you want to make for your blog. Be sure to write them down so you can see them every morning and keep your eye on the prize!

Next up is monthly blogging tasks! Check back tomorrow! Don’t forget to subscribe! That way you’re guaranteed not to miss out!

Ya girl, got you!! Here is the post for daily blogging tasks and monthly blogging tasks =)

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