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Hello blogging babe!!

I bet you’re new to blogging right?

If you haven’t even started a blog yet, no worries!! Blogging has been so amazing for me and my family and is something that I encourage everyone to try! If you’re nervous, I walk you through all the steps to start your own blog, here! For less than $4 a month 😀

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here trying to figure out what it is exactly that successful bloggers do all day to! I was the same way! Literally scouring the great world of Pinterest trying to figure it! It always seemed to me that no matter what! I found something new that needed to be added to the never ending list of tasks that would get my blog to that next level! That one more thing would be the keep ticket! What happened though was every single task kept getting a little less of my attention everyday until finally the only thing for my blog that I was doing was reading on what EVERYONE ELSE was doing. Not such a good plan.


Weekly blogging tasks

Monthly blogging tasks

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But that’s also why I’ve put together this little mini series on blogging tasks! To help you understand what needs to be focused on daily, weekly, and monthly!

Keep in mind that every blogger is different (clearly!) and as such, our results will be not all be the same! Take this information and try it and see what seems to work best for you and your blog.

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Just remember to try something new but to not get overwhelmed with so much new stuff that you lose sight of creating awesome content for your readers! That’s the most important thing, right??

Here is all the daily tasks that I do everyday! At least 5 times a week if not 6 or 7 days. Typically I have about 4-5 hours a day to work on my blog so I have to be intentional with my tasks to get the most effective use out of my time.

What needs to be everyday for your blog?

Respond to engagers

I say engagers because I’m not just talking about commenters on the blog but also Twitter mentions, Instagram comments/messages. Basically any place where you can interact with your awesome community!

Check email

Go through email and respond to anything urgent such as upcoming deadlines, PR collaborations, or sudden changes that could affect your monetization. Mark any others that will need your attention at a later time.

Blog write

This is so important! You have to write every single day even if it’s not for a post that needs to be in the next few days. Writing is the bread and butter of our entire field! There would be no blog without the great content and how do you continually get great content? Well you practice it and that means writing for your blog everyday!

Sometimes I write emails, upcoming blog posts, updating existing pages, ECT.


Along with blog writing, I believe that we should at least edit SOMETHING for our blogs in order to stay mastered or to become mastered at the task. This editing can be for an upcoming blog post, newsletter, photos for the blog or social media. You get it!

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I don’t know of too many blogs that survive without Pinterest these days!! For many of us, it is the main source of traffic which is great because it’s basically free advertising!! WOO!

Whether you pin manually or use a scheduler it’s important to make an appearance onto Pinterest once or twice a day to do some manual pinning, check notifications, and check your stats (if you care about that kind of thing, of course!)

Pinterest loves new content! If you don’t know, Pinterest favors new content and that doesn’t have to be a new blog post everyday but a new pin will do the trick!! New pins get special attention for a few to see how well they do in the feed. Make sure to create at least one new everyday for older pins!

*Having trouble figuring out Pinterest? Been there! I had no idea how much actually goes in Pinterest until I enrolled into Carla’s Pinterest strategies. She is amazing!! She gets over 200,000 blog views a month just from manually pinning. Her course is perfect for bloggers who need help gaining traffic but don’t want to pay for an additional scheduler. I took her course and have noticed a huge jump in views just after implementing a few of her techniques.*

Pin your newest blog post to relevant blog posts and be sure to pin other 3rd party pins as well! Don’t want to appear spammy!

Comment on other blogs

Not just oh hey there! Comments but genuine comments that tells the writer that you found value in their work.

This is a great way to network with other blogs.

Gain some new knowledge and hopefully gain some new traffic or followers to your blog!

Weekly task

Or two depending on how in depth your weekly task is. Be sure to check back to read this weekly tasks post! You might have missed but this is a short series that I’m doing on blogging tasks. Today was daily tasks, tomorrow will be weekly, and the after that will be monthly tasks! You can always subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a single post! If you’re interested in seeing my daily routine, leave me a comment or shoot me a message!

I’ve been blogging part-time for almost a year now and while I’m sure my daily tasks will change these are the ones that I feel will benefit my blog the most with content and networking! Be sure to check back for both weekly and monthly tasks!

WOOHOO!! Both weekly and monthly blogging tasks are up! Look here for weekly tasks and here for monthly tasks!

Don’t forget!

Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on of the posts in this series =)

All the best,


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  1. Brandon
    June 6, 2019 / 7:18 pm

    Love all of these ideas! Thank you so much for sharing your process!

    • TLMblog131
      June 7, 2019 / 3:36 pm

      You’re welcome!!

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